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Athens has plenty of places where you can admire stunning panoramic views of the city. Romantic or not, let yourself be captivated by the Athenian cityscape.

Lycabettus Hill

Near Kolonáki area is situated the famous Lycabettus Hill, at 277 meters high above sea level. Legend has it that wolves used to seek refuge on this hill. A funicular at the bottom of the hill (on Ploutárhou Street) takes you to the top, but there is also a road to drive up. Whichever your preference, you will be rewarded with a 360˚ view of the city sprawling below, especially on a clear day. The panoramic view from the top just sweeps you away: An open café and a luxurious restaurant offer you hot or cold drinks, and fine meals.

Filopáppos Hill

Filopáppos Hill, 147 m. high, was known in ancient Greece as the Hill of the Muses. It is located in a very central point of the city (metro station Thissio or Acropolis), to the southwest of the Acropolis. You can only reach the top on foot. Enjoy a great view of the Acropolis, a panoramic view of the whole city, and the Aegean Sea surrounding Attica.

Anafiótika, Plaka

The most picturesque, romantic and nostalgic neighbourhood of Pláka is certainly Anafiótika, situated directly under the north section of the Acropolis. Its white-washed houses with the blue doors, the stone walls and the small cute gardens create the impression of a Cycladic Islands or an isolated village in the middle of the city. The Cycladic architectural style of Anafiótika is attributed to its first inhabitants, craftsmen from the Cycladic island of Anáfi. The view of Pláka and Lycabettus from specific locations of the settlement is simply spectacular!


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