1. Santorini

You might feel like you’ve already been there; you’re bound to have seen the stereotypical shots of domed white-washed houses set against bright blue sea (if not, see below). Well, you’ve got to go there to see it for yourself, and you might be surprised to find that not all the beaches are pristine swathes of golden sands, but some are in fact black! The most southern island in the Cyclades chain, Santorini is made of volcanic rock, hence the unusual colour of their dunes.

Santorini, Greece, white buildings, blue sea.

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2. Mykonos

While its cousin in the Cyclades, Santorini, is the spot for canoodling lovers, Mykonos is the place to go to party ’til dawn. It’s a popular stop for island hoppers, looking for a good time. Head to Mykonos Town for your pick of the island’s best bars and nightclubs; from classy cocktails in Caprice, to pumping dance music .